We adhere to a disciplined 360-degree approach to investments that requires us to remain nimble & inventive in our thinking at all times. We endeavour to buy solid businesses that exhibit multi-year structural growth run by good management teams and are available at a significant discount to their intrinsic value.

We generally look for the following attributes in prospective investee companies:

Being a dominant player in a niche vertical

Aided by policy tailwinds / changing consumer dynamics / technology etc

Robust balance sheets – we stay away from fragile balance sheets

Business generates / has the potential to generate high ROE / ROCE

Non / under coverage by ‘sell side’ analysts.


Our proprietary ‘Price Guardrail Strategy’ – key to credible risk mitigation

We have developed a proprietary framework that we deploy to assign an ‘entry price guardrail’ and an ‘exit price guardrail’ to each stock that is approved for investment. We strongly believe that the most effective risk mitigant in small and mid-cap investing is to ‘not overpay’ to buy a stock and therefore we assign the aforesaid guardrails to each stock. We buy a stock as long as it is available within our entry price guardrail and we sell a stock the moment it breaches our exit price guardrail. Our Price guardrail framework has helped us contain excessive volatility and significant drawdown in our portfolio despite the many turbulent events in the market over last few years.