Aurum Small Cap Opportunities

Our flagship offering, Aurum Small Cap Opportunities (ASCO) is unique in its investment strategy as well as the product structure. In this plan, we build a portfolio of 12-15 high conviction small cap stocks (Mkt Cap < INR 2,500 Crores) with an investment horizon of 3-5 years on each stock. ASCO has a fixed term of 5 years and the endeavour is to monetize the portfolio by the end of the term in a systematic fashion.

Back-ending of performance fees and significant manager’s participation in ASCO creates a strong long term alignment of interest with clients. There is very low churn and almost all the profits booked in various client portfolios till date have been in the nature of long term capital gains. ASCO is benchmarked against BSE Small Cap Index.


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Aurum Growth Opportunities

Aurum Growth Opportunities (AGO) is our mid-cap offering. In this plan, we build a portfolio of 10-12 high conviction mid cap stocks (Mkt Cap < INR 13,000 Crores) with an investment horizon of at least 3 years. This too is a low churn strategy. AGO is benchmarked against BSE Mid Cap Index.

There could be some overlap in the stocks in the two portfolios as some of the larger companies in the small cap strategy may also be bought in the mid cap strategy.

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