On the back of a strong private equity background, Nine Rivers Capital distinguishes itself as an asset management firm that is exclusively focussed on small and mid cap public equities.

We believe that generating superior risk adjusted long term returns from small/mid cap companies require application of the same rigor and discipline as in private equity investing, something that is amply demonstrated in our exemplary track record. The fundamental premise on which our investment philosophy rests is our ability to exploit the judgmental biases and other behavioural weaknesses of the market participants at large leading to unravelling of attractive investment opportunities from time to time. These include: the tendency of the larger market participants to extrapolate the past too far into the future, to wrongly equate a good company with a good investment irrespective of price amongst various other aspects.

Having emerged as the preferred institutional platform in India for HNIs & Family Offices for their small / mid cap portfolio management, Nine Rivers Capital is poised to rapidly grow and soon expand its geographical reach to overseas investors as well.