Fair Valuation has become a very important aspect of any business regardless of the context; be it regulatory, accounting, tax, M&A, FDI, capital raise, ESOPs amongst others. The need to establish a strong business case and substance to support fair valuation is paramount and we are able to leverage our multi-disciplinary exposure of various industries and transaction types to provide superior valuation advise backed by formal fairness opinion wherever desired.

Led by Pratik Singhi, our valuation advisory services would generally cover valuation

  • of unlisted equity and debt securities
  • of start-up companies
  • of intangible assets such as goodwill, know-how and brands
  • advise at the time of formation of Joint Ventures or exit thereof
  • advise for Inbound (FDI) and Outbound (ODI) investments
  • of Gifts in form of unquoted shares
  • for ESOP purposes
  • of Purchase Price Allocation (under Ind AS or IFRS) in case of acquisition
  • for De-listing & Preferential Allotment in respect of listed securities
  • for M&A or Demerger transactions
  • advise for settlement amongst promoters or family members
  • advise and support for arbitration and litigation in disputes.